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Messy Pentecost

At Messy Pentecost we imagined what it was like for the Holy Spirit to come on the first disciples. We made flame headbands, flame prayers, flame cupcakes… and learnt that the fire of the Holy Spirit lives inside each of us too. In our worship we learnt about the power of the Holy Spirit by playing with the Airzooka and […]
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Hosting the Night Shelter

Every Thursday morning in May, a cluster of people from St Nicholas Church, All Saints, and Christchurch Isle of Dogs, rose before the crack of dawn to make their way over to St Nicholas Church Hall. Some bore toasters, others bacon, hashbrowns, and milk. We had the privilege of cooking and serving breakfast to guests […]
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First edition of PoP News

View the first edition of the Parish of Poplar News here! Read about the Stepney Area Intern Scheme, what’s its like to be a chalice bearer, and why Poplar is called ‘Poplar’.

Messy Christmas

At Messy Christmas we celebrated Jesus’ birth with food, singing, storytelling and wonderful Christmassy crafts! It couldn’t have been merrier! Click on the photos below for a slide show.

The Poplar Nativity Play

A medieval-mystery style retelling of the nativity story, set in modern day Poplar. Performed by the Aberfeldy Drama Group in St Nicholas Church.

Messy Harvest

At Messy Harvest we celebrated God’s provision for us! We played games and made crafts in the hall – we put together bird headbands, planted seeds, and wrote sunflower prayers. We then went into the church to hear about the story of the farmer and his seeds, sing, and pray together. Then we went back into the hall to have […]
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