What We Believe

At St Nicholas we often recite the Nicene Creed together, the statement of Christian faith that is most widely shared by the worldwide Church.


andromedaWe believe that there is one almighty God, who is the source of all things. God’s very being is love – he is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God created the world and every human being out of love and for love. Yet human beings have not shared and expressed this love. We have sinned, turning away from God and from each other.

Jesus-Crucifixion2Our sin does not make God turn away from us. Instead, God the Son came into world in order to save us. Jesus was the embodiment of God: perfect love lived in a human life. Others rejected this love, and Jesus gave himself up to be killed on a cross. Three days later, Jesus rose to life again. God’s perfect love could not be defeated by human sin or by death – love defeated them.

PetitionThrough Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit invites everyone – no matter who they are or what they have done – to have sin and death defeated in their own life. This is an invitation to open ourselves to God, to turn away from sin, and to be resurrected into eternal joy. When we accept this invitation, the Holy Spirit brings us into a relationship with the Father, and slowly transforms us into the people of love we were created to be.

first_communion_029We meet together as the Church to express and grow in our love for God and others. We learn more about God through the Bible, preaching, and serving others. We celebrate God’s love for us by singing, praying and sharing Communion together. We learn to love by growing in friendship with one another, and showing practical love to everyone around us.


 You can learn more about what Christians believe at Christianity website. You can find out more about Jesus on the ReJesus website. You are also welcome to come along to a church service and ask questions!