Our History

Church ceiling mural doveSt Nicholas Church has a very unusual history. Situated on the Aberfeldy Estate in the Parish of Poplar, it was built in 1955, and designed by the architects Seely and Paget. In 1969 the church was closed and turned into a vinyl record warehouse! In the 1990s, the church building became the centre for a great deal of community work.

In 1998 the church was finally re-opened as a place of worship. It was formally re-dedicated in 2000. The church and hall have now been re-furbished – but if you look you can still see the marks the stacks of vinyl records made on the ceiling of the church!

Along with the beautiful ceiling mural, we have some lovely icons in the church, which you can find out more about here.

To find out about hiring the church hall for private functions or community groups please click here.